Sunday, October 11, 2015

Painting cabinet doors using painters tape....

If I were a professional painter I would not make any money.  After sanding down the cabinet doors I had an epiphany and tried using painters tape to keep the paint from collecting in the lip.

So far so good but completing the doors section by section is going to take longer to complete, and use more paint. So patience is the key, they need to be left to dry completely.  No rest for the wicked, I will start the top doors.

Meanwhile back at the house, the one section  that we had decided to leave as is, is being demolished.  The damage to the wiring is such that if we keep it, the electrician will not be able to reach the wires to the corner flood lights, or the patio ceiling fans.  The other benefit, is that we can now use spray in foam to insulate the entire house.  Electricity isn't cheap here so efficiency will pay for the upgrade.

At least we haven't dropped any, but lowering these monsters from a wobbling platform is not for the faint of heart.

Marking the beams and placement.

The beams are solid cedar which are pricey to replace, we will paint these a chocolate brown and install them again.  We will need a plan for how to do this, since the beams were held by lug bolts and installed after the drywall was installed.  There is very little space between the roof deck and ceiling, it is a mystery.


celkalee said...

I would carefully check to make sure that no one hid any gold coins in the walls. Might come in handy and you don't want to cover them with insulation. The doors will be great when they are done. Sort of looking a little French country.

ELMO said...

Lol, I had faith we would find treasure in the attic but instead we found a squirrel carcass and wire cutters. This section may be where we find the gold, fingers crossed.