Monday, October 12, 2015

The finished mid century sofa reupholster project

The goal was to change the dirty covers, plump the cushions up a bit and have a nice sofa for staging and beyond. The first time I've sat in front of a machine in a long time, I really miss it.


I even tried to keep the original covers, they were much improved after washing, but between shrinkage and restuff ing,  they were way too small.  They will be re cycled into cat bed material.  The top is the dirty example the bottom is clean, and the colors pop now, lucky kitty.

In the end, I kept the original foam  which was in good shape, and wrapped it in two types of batting.  One cushion wrap, which is thick and stiff  the other was the final wrapping with soft n crafty, both available at Joann's.  

Instead of drafting a pattern, the cloth was draped over the cushions, marked, and reproduced two times to complete the seats.

Here are some in process pics, stuffing before and after.

Draping bottom cushion.

This project was aprox $90, with fabric from Boca Bargoon's moving sale (chocolate brown wool flannel), the batting from Joann's, purchased with coupons, and the 3m super 77 adhesive used to keep the batting from shifting.  

It's good to have the cushions installed in the frame again, so the living room is beginning to get its dignity back. Time to celebrate with a little couch potato Netflix binge watching, before I get back to painting ......


celkalee said...

It looks great! Love the color and the clean lines. Perfect for your purpose. I have an acquaintance from church who just closed on a mid-century modern house, built in 1952. It is in a plan of similar mid century homes. I has never been touched. It is pristine original including the pink bathroom tile. She is thrilled. The sellers were friends from church, up in years, relocating to independent living in Florida. They are leaving lots of the furniture as well. Hope she offers a little open house, I would love to see.

ELMO said...

Wow, that house sounds amazing. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor from the workshop