Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ugh Farrow & Ball Blue Black

Here is a lovely color from Farrow & Ball, called Blue Black, this looked fantastic next to the tile sample when I took it to the showroom to pick the colors.

After taking the doors to three different painters no one wanted to touch the doors.  Finally, one told me that with the center mdf panels, he wouldn't touch them  The mdf takes paint at a different rate than the maple frame.  Also, he said it would be better to get solid wood doors, because they flex at the same rate.  The mdf center panels on these doors would result in cracked inside edges.  Now I know for next time.

He recommended that I prime the center panels first, then prime the entire door on the second round.   I used the F&B undercoat and primed.  I was so relieved that this went well.  

Next up was the final paint color. No good. The paint is streaky and lumpy and disgusting.  As the final insult, I waited the suggested drying time, although they say dark colors take a bit longer.  36 hours later, it's still tacky, it gums up my sandpaper.

Even after 48 hours they were almost there.  They were painted in 74° 50% humidity.
This shouldn't be happening. Fortunately the second coat didn't take as long.

Here's the second coat.

Sanding and a third coat is next.  The brush strokes are very pronounced so they need to be smoothed out. These are the bottom kitchen cabinet doors, once these are finished we can install the counter, hook up the sink and the corner carousel.  There's a lot riding on these doors.

  Looks like patience is required for this project, stay tuned.


celkalee said...

I have heard that these cabinets are a bear to paint no matter what product you choose. Son tells me that he sprays rather than brushes on the paint. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 very thin coats. However, the sprayer is a bit of an investment for the one time painter. They look good here, Once installed they will work out well I am sure. And SHE continues to saga of the homeowner/handywoman!!!

ELMO said...

Hola C! I considered buying a sprayer but there are so many other things coming I had to stop somewhere. In the end the doors were sanded again and coat 3 is finished. I should have shipped them to son haha.