Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Demystifying Fabric Shopping in Miami - Isa Couture Fabrics

Miami covers a large territory, and many of the fabric stores have closed but there are a few left. If you are in South Beach, it's a quick trip to downtown Miami where you will find an abundance of stores that carry couture fabrics as well as spandex galore.

This is one of my favorite stores in Miami, they carry Couture fabrics (cotton, wool, laces, silk), trims and buttons as well as some moderately priced fabrics.  They have a bilingual staff, so you won't have trouble communicating, and the store is enormous.  They established Isa in 1962, and the neighborhood has changed around them, it is not  the most inviting, there is street parking, so bring your quarters.  I've been there and have had no issues but this is the destination, it's not the place where you want to park your car and walk around looking for a place to eat, it's in and out.  Although it doesn't look very large from the outside, it is two stories, they have an elevator to take you upstairs where the fabric is on display.

Isa Couture Fabrics

If you have a special project, or need to do color matching the staff is really helpful without being pushy.
This is the one I recommend if you have to prioritize your shopping in Miami.

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Raquel from Florida said...

I live in Miami and I've never been there!!! I have to go, I promise. There is another store in Coral Gables called Rx fabrics, but it is really really really expensive (especially the 2 floor).