Thursday, June 23, 2011

NYC Fabric and Notions Paron, Steinlauf & Stoller, Pacific Trimmings

Fabric stores

From Paron, I was able to achieve color matching for the floral silk satin in the stash,

and I found a coordinating fabric for another silk.

both of these fabrics were in the Annex.  Since I came with the fabrics I was working on, I pulled out the full cuts and walked around with Mercedes (my hostess), and we pulled out bolts.  She was very helpful and had creative disagreements about some of the colors but it was all in good fun.

They were out of Burda Magazine, so no luck there.

Onto Steinlauf & Stoller...

2" Ban Roll, tailor's thimble, French Curve, 1" plush elastic, plush underwire casing.

I wanted to pick up the Wing needles here but they didn't have them, this has been on my list for over a year now, I have never seen one on sale in person.  There's an ebay source which I may try when I'm ready to do some hemstitching.

They have practically everything for the industry in here, and it's a busy shop, but it would be best to take a look at their online catalog and make up your list.  They have very little on display, so you need to ask them, and off they run to the back.  I did manage to see unwire chaneling and plush elastic which I left with.   

Pacific Trimming
Petersham Ribbon & Grosgrain (this should tie me over for a while)


Zippers.... with polished chrome, copper, multicolor, gold finishes, fine teeth, fabulous sliders and ombre tape.  I was actually sorry that I didn't have more projects requiring zippers, so I just dipped my toe in with 3.

So I finally have an assortment of buckles for the jacket that has been patiently waiting. Zippers to give me inspiration, and zipper pulls.

A parting shot of the RIRI zipper...

Tomorrow a mini slideshow including food :)


Corrine said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Love your buckle collection. I certainly admire your restraint and look forward to the rest of the story. Living vicariously thru you because I cannot leave home right now. Thanks.

ELMO said...

It's my present to readers, because when I can't get away, I do the same thing. I have been everywhere online :)

Clio said...

Good advice on Steinlauf and Stoller - I find the store rather intimidating.

Elle C said...

I am so incredibly jealous, you can't imagine. I might hate you. Maybe. It is hard living in a sewing desert. (sigh)

ELMO said...

Clio, I used to go in when I was at FIT and just wondered how everyone else knew what was going on. They certainly aren't warm and cuddly, are they? they are strictly business and they're fast.

Elle, Please don't hate me :) I'm sorry you live in a sewing desert... you may just have to escape, you know they've extended the exhibit to August 7th, maybe you could just take a wrong turn and end up there.