Saturday, June 25, 2011

NY the last post....

My Garment district visit is covered two posts ago, it is by no means complete, there are more fabric stores than those I have listed.  I didn't get to Mood or Metro, because I really wanted to stick to the budget and I found everything I I'll continue to the next section of NY which was down to Tea and Sympathy to get my tea.

3:29 This is a tiny tiny place, composed of three fronts, A Salt and Battery (Fish and Chips), Carry On Tea & Sympathy (British Store), Tea & Sympathy (Restaurant), by the time I arrived I wasn't hungry enough to eat at the restaurant so I just picked up some tea and left, but it's cute no?


4:20 Back onto the subway and down to Purl Soho (where I forgot to take a pic, but you can click on the link to the website).  The online store is so chock full of ideas I thought the place would be brimming with people, but it was a work day and I suspect even crafters work for a living.  I think for a knitter you would never leave, presentation is number one here, they offer a nice selection of fine, unusual yarns, many many Japanese books on knitting and crochet. They have fat quarters of Liberty fabric, and assortments of quilting fabrics neatly bundled on the shelves.  It's a cute little store and I went with the idea of getting a Sashiko starter kit.


I'm thinking more and more about embellishment, and I have a few cuts of solid fabric that I would like to make up as my blank canvas and apply a Sashiko design on them.  The wee girl behind the counter asked me if I had taken the class, and I said no, so she said I could call with any questions.  I told her I would call if the project reduced me to tears, and she seemed distraught by this and told me, please don't cry we don't do well with people who are crying :) she was very cute.

If you are looking for ideas for mini projects have a look at the Purl Bee Blog, it's adorable.

4:30 - So right about now, I am thirsty and hungry.  So far I've had my two eggs and a protein shake in the garment district I'm due for a meal.  It's late and I take a stroll to Balthazars to have a late lunch.  I've been dieting so I tried not to eat all of the Bearnaise sauce but it was so good, the frites kept jumping in.... I blame the potatoes.


5:09 - On my way to catch the subway at Prince Street - I pop into Dean and Deluca, because I'm already thinking about breakfast:), more tea, some cheese straws, and a raspberry almond croissant for tomorrow morning.  All in all a most productive day, and I am stocked with enough tea to cover me for the next two months.  Maybe I should make reservations for August in case I run out of supplies again :)  I thought I saw everything I wanted to see when I run into a banner for the Van Cleef & Arpels exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt (91st & 5th, right around the corner from the Metropolitan Museum of Art).
A day just isn't enough!

and some parting shots of NY....

Times Square

Roy Lichtenstein Times Square underground

Passing Subway

It's a lot to do in one day, it helps to familiarize yourself with all of the subway/bus routes, as well as the store websites before you go.  I love the internet, it was invaluable in planning the trip.  I made up my lists before I went and stuck to the plan.

I checked the weather report before I left and it called for thunderstorms, I wore a trench coat and took an umbrella and it didn't rain a drop all day, so I was roasting.  It was a good thing I took a large bag with me to bring all of my fabrics safely home, and that I opted to wear a linen tunic instead of a t-shirt, so I was either wet or drying off.  Once I arrived in Laguardia the skies opened and flights were cancelled and delayed (my flight included).  I left my house at 3:30 - and returned at 12:30, the kitty was most happy to see me.

Now to start sewing again!!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Glad you had a wonderful time and got to do all the things you wanted to!

Jilly Be said...

What a great series of posts - you've whetted my taste buds (for more than food - but your food shots were YUMMY!)

Since it's not likely that I'll be making it NYC any time soon, you've got me thinking about planning the perfect sewist's shopping day in the SF Bay area.

Now all I need is someone to come visit & do it with me! ;^D

ELMO said...

Thanks Carolyn, I'm still recovering.

Oh Jilly Be - if I had any budget left over I'd be in SF in a heart beat. I'll check your blog for updates :)

snuzal said...

Sigh.. What a dream to go shopping in NYC. One day in years to come, I hope to get there. Looks like a fab day!

Corrine said...

What a great series of posts! Thanks so much for sharing them. I say the key to any big city is to learn the subway system, from NYC to London, the subway is a good way to go. Glad you are home safe and sound and kitty probably slept the entire time too!!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

You have so much stamina! It's fairly easy for me to get to NYC by bus and you are really making me want to hop on over for a quick trip!

ELMO said...

Please go, and see the Van Cleef & Arpels exhibit, and report back to us:)

Marie-Noëlle said...

Thank you for this wonderful series of post. I guess you must have had a good night sleep.

ELMO said...

Hello Marie,
Yes, Glad you enjoyed it and yes I had a good night's sleep!