Monday, June 20, 2011

The Manhattan project


I need to just see what I am buying in person. I love the convenience of buying online but shipping is a killer, and if you don't receive what you can use, return shipping is sometimes enough to end up keeping what I've ordered.

The plan is a day in NYC.

My shopping list....

Burda or Patrones magazine

Leather buckles for trench coats (for 1 belt and 2 shoulder epaulettes)
Buckle for a finished belt

tailor's thimble
Wing needle Schmetz 130/705H
Double wing needle 130/705H
Long Glass Headed pins
DMC Broder Machine size 50 or Madeira Tanne size 50 or Mettler Article 240 60/2 - in White, Black, Beige

french curve 1

snap tape (bodysuit crotch) spacing 3/4" 4 yards

picot edge elastic - white 10 yards, black 5 yards

Color matching for..
1) Handprinted silk crepe - silk crepe or charmeuse royal blue or rose 1 1/2 yds
2) Printed Floral silk - silk charmeuse 1 1/2 yards crimson red
3) Petersham Ribbon - Seersucker skirt project White or Tan 5 yards 1"
4) Long Staple cotton jersey fine opaque - white or black - 2 yards

Wicking lining fabric for running shorts - red (1 yd), blue (1 yd) or neutral or lt grey (2 yds)

and it doesn't hurt that there's an Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Jemajo said...

Lucky you that you can take a day to shop the the Garment District!
Enjoy yourself, and good luck finding everything that you need, and finding more that you'll love :D

Clio said...

I agree with you about buying on-line. It's hard to know just what you are getting or whether it will be right for a given project. Do you have a shopping strategy? You are going to have to hit several places to find all of that.

Karin said...

Oooh, sounds like lots of fun! Can't wait to see what you buy.

ELMO said...

I'm hoping if I do this it will keep my stash in check. This seems counter intuitive but if I start to add up all of the fabrics, trims, shipping, etc. and still can't finish some projects, it really does add up.

I have a few places selected and I believe that they will satisfy my plans. More on this tomorrow.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Two things I know for sure...

1. Universal newsstands is having a hard time getting the latest issues of Burda so try Parons instead.

2. The wait to see the McQueen exhibit is about an hour take some form of entertainment to keep yourself company.

...and I would try Pacific Trimmings for the buckles.

Have a great day!

ELMO said...

Thank you Carolyn on the McQueen exhibit, that was my wild card, I bought my admission ticket online and was still expecting a bit of a wait, wasn't expecting an hour. I'll bring a book and my ipod.

Marie-Noƫlle said...

I am green with envy Shopping in NY and Mac Queen at the MET. Enjoy !!!!

Corrine said...

Sounds like a great trip. Having a list sure does help when facing so many alternatives. It will be really difficult to remain in control, of course, but as a seasoned fabric shopper I am sure you have already scoped out your favorite places.

fabriquefantastique said...

Sounds good to me...lots of fun and frustration too, no doubt

quietandsmalladventures said...

oooh have fun! i was at m&j trim and mood 2 weeks ago, they're both really intense! i had to leave m&j, too much too look at! mood was great because i was on a mission so it was easier to navigate.

have a great time!!

KayY said...

I'm loving reading about your whirlwind trip!