Friday, April 27, 2012

Chanel jacket - one step forward two steps back the curvey girl's version

I love the way this is turning out. It's a much slimmer cut than the original pattern. Here is a side by side.
  FrontVogue 8259 muslin front

Back view

 Vogue 8259 muslin back back

So we can see, it's not boxy at all, although there is ease in it.

This was version 3 - which really no longer resembles the original, but the major change on this version was
the addition of the side back panel, and the small bust dart.  I was also surprised that even after making a muslin the fabric version had to be tweaked further.  I took up some darts on the shoulders (that you can see above), and I had to let out the side panel so it would fall straight.

final adjustments

Now, I'm really pleased with this jacket except for one thing.... the markings made on the organza show through the fabric.  I have tried to use some pretty toxic chemicals to get the marks out but they prevail.  So tonight and tomorrow, I'll be cutting out a new organza lining for the front and back, and maybe some sleeve pieces and re working the thread tracing and save these pieces for another jacket where this won't be a problem.  Just when you think you've got it, Murphy strikes!!



The Slapdash Sewist said...

Goodness, that is a terrible Murphy strike! The jacket is looking great, though. All those panels at the side make for a great fit.

ELMO said...

Yes it was a lesson I will never forget!