Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vogue 8259 Chanel jacket - muslin 2

Here's muslin No. 2 with changes from the original pattern. I'm pleased with this but recognize there  is still some tweaking to be done. For instance, the back needs a little more ease. The back armhole needs to be adjusted to eliminate those diagonal folds. When the jacket is worn with nothing beneath it, it looks better, but I will wear the jacket with a little t-shirt or blouse, so that's something to consider when you are making jackets or coats. You need to test it with clothing under the garment to get a more realistic picture of what it will look like in use. Vogue 8259 - Muslin 2 The original pattern had one side panel, and no shaping on the back.

No wonder it's boxy.


- back side panel added (for shaping)
- back princess seams (more contour)
- small tuck in front princess seam panel (accommodate bust fullness)

So here we have version 2 of the muslin.  It's looking a lot better.... maybe when it's not 2am I'll post better pics, maybe when someone offers me that second pot of tea at 3 in the afternoon, I will turn it down.

Tomorrow... the sleeves.

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