Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chanel pattern - Vogue 8259 OOP

This is the holy grail of Chanel jacket patterns... the one with the three piece sleeve.

Vogue pattern 8259 Shaeffer Chanel jacket 3 piece sleeve

Do you hear angels singing?

Now I have this pattern and I made a muslin....
Vogue 8259 muslin front

Vogue 8259 muslin back

Can you say bleh?

I'm not against the round neckline, or that it falls at the hip, it's what happens between the two that I find objectionable.   This is the kind of fit I get in RTW, the kind that sends me home to a box of chocolate and a bottle of red wine.   It conjures up images of all of the ill fitting clothing I've ever had to wear, including that one piece jumper with bloomer bottoms and snap front I had to wear for gym class in high school... eeewwww.  

The sleeve, is another story, and it's why everyone who wants to make this jacket tries to find this pattern.... no I'm not going to show you the sleeve, you must be patient (especially you becki... bwahaha).

I need to get this muslin sorted out first and do a bit more research, because in it's current state I will forget the whole idea.  We all know by now this jacket is good for people with strong shoulders and lean bodies, and we curvy girls need a little more shape because we have waists and need to emphasize them.


Corrine said...

I absolutely love this pattern, on someone else. I have developed an aversion to high fitted collars. I feel like I am choking. And with my curves and all, it just does not work for me. A looser cardigan style is my preference.

DD said...

Can't wait to see your Jacket!! I have been looking for this pattern for ages!! Oh how I want one. LOL!!

ELMO said...

Corrine - I can't wear turtlenecks anymore, it's the same issue I feel like I'm being strangled. If it's open in the front, it's not as bad.

Welcome DD! It looks nice on the envelope but will definitely need some adjustments.

Sigrid said...

I've made this pattern last year, and am more curved than the pattern is drafted for. With a bit more waist-shaping it worked fine.Good luck with your alterations.

ELMO said...

Thank you Sigrid, I saw your jacket it was lovely.