Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Muslin 3 with sleeve

It's been a long night, so please excuse the cropped photos, this was the best I could do, the camera was not my friend today.

Muslin 3 with sleeve

I'm ready to try this in a not so dear fabric, just so I can move out of the muslin stage, and I really need jackets.
So first up, not a boucle.

ribbed wool crepe closeup

This is a wool crepe with woven ribs, it's bouncy and has a little drape although the weave makes it a bit more stable.  Not a color I would choose normally but I have a few things in the stash that will coordinate with it.

ribbed wool crepe

For this version I will eliminate the back princess lines, so that will add a bit of ease on the back panel.


Corrine said...

I think the crepe is a great choice. One of my favorite fabrics. Your patience amazes me.

becki-c said...

OMG you are so fast! How do you get so much sewing done in such a short time? That looks fabulous, I can't wait to see it in the tweed. Making another jacket just to be sure is a great idea, your fabric looks perfect.

ELMO said...

Yay!! Thanks for the encouragement, I'm going to need it. I have three fabrics picked for this pattern in variations.