Monday, June 17, 2013

By Jove I think I've got it.......A Fabulous Fitting Bra!!

It's 2:16 am, June 17th, an important time and date, the exact moment when things finally started going right with the bra project.  From the last post, this is the Foundations Revealed self draft bra.  The cup has only one dart, the fabric is non stretch.  This is version 2 with a narrower bridge piece.


Foundations Revealed one dart self draft - muslin

This was the ver. 2 of the Foundations revealed draft, but this is the next adjustment that needs to be made.
The "sprung" allowance needs to be increased.  I need the under wire to angle out at the underarm otherwise it is unbearable.


How did I know this adjustment was needed?  For starters, version 1 had a pleat forming at the band next to the underwire, it was about 1 1/4".  Then I studied a fabulous fitting RTW bra, and found that the underwire was the exact size that I was using in my bras.  A closer study of the band revealed that shape above (bottom pattern), which shows the angle at the side seam to be shallower.  So I decided to clone the bra.

The unsuspecting original

RTW ready for cloning

The clone - perfect fit!!!
RTW Clone - perfect fit!!

An order has been placed for more elastics in colors other than black, so I can start playing with more interesting combinations!!! Can't wait.


Norma said...

Congratulations! It is such a satisfying moment knowing you have created your own custom fit bra. Happy bra making!

Clio said...


ELMO said...

Thank you!!! Why did I run out of elastic??? Whaaa

Ms. McCall said...

Well done!! I hope the elastic comes soon. Can you give us any more details on your bra cloning process? I cloned some cups recently, and I think it worked ok, but I wasn't able to clone the band.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

It's so professional looking! And to get perfect fit, too? Well done.