Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm no Wanda.... The Merckwaerdigh BSH10 Underwire 3 piece cup

Here are the steps for the Under wire 3 piece cup version.

They don't look like they go together do they?

Start with the little pieces and match the notches between the upper and lower cups.

Keep on matching notches

Build a bridge and stabilize it.

It's looking promising...

It doesn't fit.
Now why doesn't it fit?
Let's compare it to my RTW version....

Hmmm the cup looks much shorter than my RTW

Grading the unwired version was simpler because the definition between the cups wasn't as exacting as required by the underwire version.  Tomorrow, I'll be drafting a pattern from scratch..

Here is a 4 minute video from the National Geographic called Bra Business (featuring Wanda)!
I feel a little better that they have to make 22 adjustments on average to a new proto type at Maidenform to get it right.


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