Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lessons learned this week.....Prewash knits

Preshrink your fabrics if you intend to wash them even the knits.... remember the Escada print?

100% cotton interlock


It shrunk 4", (can anyone else see the cage on the dressform?) so it is unwearable as a dress, could be a bathing suit cover up now, but I really like the print it will make a nice long t-shirt.  I just have to shorten the hem.  It's also more fitted now, but remember I cut it with this in mind, and the print hasn't faded a bit, which is more important, you know that piece that I chop off will not go to waste.

Also a great pair of navy striped ponte knit pants have shrunk about the same 4".   I can still wear them but I preferred them longer.

Rayon/Poly/Spandex Ponte Knit
McCalls 6571 pant

Also don't feel too badly for me, I found some lovely pieces at a nearby thrift store and after alterations they are FABULOUS (if not a bit preppy) those I'll show you all this week!!

Here is my first item...might have to make a few of these.
I had to raise the shoulders to get the wrap to sit at the right spot.


Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.
Waiting for bra supplies has made me very productive.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

It will be a cute tunic top or if you cut it off a nice tee but let's hope that it doesn't shrink anymore!!!

ELMO said...

I just hope people who purchased it will see this post and prewash. I may not use the dryer anymore just in case lol.