Sunday, August 23, 2015

100 yards and point in curbing the fabric addiction.

I've been amassing home dec fabric for the past two years.  It's a good thing I did because at  last count I will need at a minimum, 100 yards to cover all the windows in the houses, and this is if I stick to a little under a 2-1 ratio for fullness, and one layer of fabric, so either blackouts or sheers not both.  The building is mostly made up of windows I think.

 1- 12 foot wide sliding glass door
 5 - 8 Foot wide sliding glass doors
 2 - 12 foot wide windows
 1- 8' wide window
 4 - 36" wide windows

 and the smaller ones which will use scrap.

Since the purchases have been made at thrift stores, I tried to keep to colors I like and neutrals.  Nothing too crazy because these houses are supposed to be casual.  I started off really well with linens, and silks, and last month I hit a thrift store that had decorator fabrics.  Initially I had walked away because they weren't in keeping with the plans but then I thought be damned with the plans, the bedroom can be more opulent than the living room, I'm not a shaker after all.  This is the thinking that plagues those with fabric addiction, but I tell myself this will payoff in the end.

  These followed me home......

These are not silk, and they are shiny, more Tudor opulent, then simple and earthy, so watch for how I try to use these in the space.  The white will go in the master bedroom, probably matched with my old IKEA linen curtains.  

Matching the yardage to space will be the biggest challenge yet, they don't mark how much yardage is on each rolls, so it will be a surprise.  Whatever isn't used will be made up in panels and packaged and given back to the thrift store that I purchased them from.

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