Saturday, August 29, 2015

Are we done yet ?

This week at the house was varied in activity. We finally finished the tiles in the living area, installed, grouted,  and sealed.

The bathroom trim was finally grouted,  and regrouted  where needed.

The dryer was finally delivered after Lowes lost it, they came back to stack it because it required a kit.  That meant staying at home for two installation trips from Lowes, but I shouldn't gripe, they arrived, and they have the steam option that I am hoping will help me preshrink wool.

The kitchen cabinet doors have finally arrived, they need to be primed and painted.  The painting was to be DIY, so some practice is upcoming.

I finally got to see the gargoyles in action, they make me smile.

The storage unit is officially empty.

There was also painting, cleaning, reorganizing and fabric inventory.

So much to do, still. I miss sewing.


celkalee said...

Glad to see the progress. I know it must have its moments! The floor looks really good. The color is the perfect neutral. Sewing, what is that? I have barely done any this Summer and I have no good excuse. Hope to change that next week. Summer is over, where did it go?

ELMO said...

You were travelling, that's a good enough excuse. OMG, summer, soon it will be cool, and I'm moving to a place that has cooler weather than here. I hope there is enough insulation.