Friday, August 7, 2015

Kitchen progress

Now with the walls painted we are ready to put the counter top on.  The contractor finished cutting the insert for the farmhouse sink, the sink was placed, and the faucet installed.  There are four layers of food safe Tung Oil on the butcher block.  It looks really pretty.

The sink was a craigslist find, which had to be refinished.  That happened back in January.  We've been working for what seems like forever.

We decided to center the faucet between the window.  The drain pan extends over to the neighboring cabinet, because IKEA doesn't make a 42" under sink cabinet.  These are the little design details that confound the mind.  The doors and hinges will be changed on the top cabinets and the boxes will be refinished.  The kitchen should be finished around mid September.  The bedroom and closet will be next, while we wait.

A well deserved first cuppa in the new place.


celkalee said...

Love, love, love that sink! I had one like that in the Summer House and everyone else thought it was too old fashioned so when we remodeled they put in the standard double bowl stainless steel! I am still in shock. It will be so nice when done. Love the cup, and the tea, off to make some too!

ELMO said...

I love it for this house, and it's perfect for the butcher block counter. I've read that they stain with water over time, and the attached drain will protect more of the surface... or so I hope.