Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fog settles in.... Farrow & Ball Blackened

I think in every large project there is a point where decision fatigue sets in, and it doesn't matter how enthusiastic you were at the start.  This is where we are.  The project has evolved so much it no longer resembles what was originally envisioned.  However it will be pretty when finished, and still respects the original idea of having a place that was beautiful, and easy to clean, with a wink to a Modern British lake cottage.  It's not in the UK, but that won't stop us.

In that spirit, I used Farrow & Ball paint, which was a bit of a luxury, but I wanted to see if it is worth the bother and expense.  The walls are painted in Modern Emulsion 7% sheen, in the color Blackened.  The top cabinets and trim will eventually be Wevet, and the base cabinets Blue Black, in Eggshell.

Blackened is actually a pearl grey, the Black Blue is more of an intense blue, and Wevet is a brighter white.

This is what Blackened looks like on the walls.

I did a lot of research about application and none of what I read mirrored my experience.  Some said that it dried slowly, mine did not, some said a brush was better than a roller, not for me.  The first coat of paint looked terrible and I was almost very angry that I fell for the hype, but once the second coat was applied, I fell in love with the soft grey.

There were many nights of priming, undercoating and painting.


celkalee said...

Never used that brand but as you know painting is not my forte! I really like the grays with dark and light contrast. When we remodeled my bathroom we chose a gray with a very faint greenish cast in sunlight. I think it was call ocean fog or something like that. Maybe swamp gas! At first I was not sure but it grew on me. Since I have always been very neutral it was a departure for me. I wouldn't change it now. I am sure it will be just right.

ELMO said...

Thanks, celkalee. I like the grey, it's very calming, now to pick a color for the bathroom and bedroom.