Friday, June 17, 2016

I remember now, that I don't like printing out patterns... Almada Kimono Seamwork

Hot temperatures here have me searching for lightweight cotton items I can wear at home in the evening.  I have resorted to wearing fun cotton boxers and t shirts or camisoles, but I need something a little more covered, because I have already had a "surprise" visit from one of the neighbors.  I'm thinking a kimono would be good, but every kimono or robe I own, is either polyester, or silk.  I need something lightweight, like cotton voile.

I scoured the web looking for something interesting.  Vogue had a kimono pattern, but people have commented on the strangeness of the sleeves and the generous ease of the pattern sizing.  I wanted something just a little different, something a little less traditional kimono, something that would stay closed around the girls and I found Colette's Seamwork pattern, Almada kimono.  I have fond memories of the Sorbetto tank top, so decided Colette's it would be....

I've been away from the sewing sphere for a bit, and didn't know that Colette's patterns had a magazine called Seamwork. The pattern can be purchased for $12.00 or a subscription to Seamwork for $6 a month, which allows you to select two patterns from their portfolio of patterns.  The Almada kimono is in the portfolio, so I subscribed and downloaded the pattern.  I hadn't decided if I would print it off, or take it to office depot to have them print it on their large format printer.  I played with the calibration and it started to print, all 52 pages.  Since I have been upgraded to Windows 10 by the generous people at Microsoft, the printer icon didn't pop up on my tool bar, so I couldn't stop it.  Sigh.  I will be back to office depot for another ream of paper.

52 pages will give you enough for a dining room table cloth.... I should charge Microsoft back for time and materials.

Estimated sewing time: 2 hours (these people don't know how long it took me to tape the pattern together)

** I will say this pattern came together easily, the reference points lined up perfectly.

Yardage estimate: 3 5/8 yds 45"  or 2 7/8 yds 60" for a size L

The pattern pieces are as follows

There might be opportunity for color blocking here, and I'll need it because my fabric is still packed, so the design will depend largely on what I can pull out of the bins.  Like my bathroom, it will be cobbled together :)

...... meanwhile..... it's the following day

Just one more wrinkle to the project, kitty has commandeered the fabric.  I think it's because it smells like home to him, because I can't believe he is purposefully thwarting my efforts.  Now the fabric will be laundered before cutting....

Did you know Almada is a city in Portugal?  Me neither.


celkalee said...

Mr. Boots appears to be showing some passive/aggressive tendencies :)Sweet kitty. He needs his fabric, a snuggle and a nap. I printed off one pattern, never again. I do not have the patience for such things.

So glad you are back to sewing plans. I really like the kimono. It has all the essential elements and that tie is killer. Understand the need for a quick cover, lived that dream more than once. I have a charming piece of seersucker that I want to work with, sooner than later I hope. I need a quick cover when in the motor home, lots of opportunity for issues there.

Watching the US open from the comforts of home, not up to trekking Oakmont in the sun. Killer course. That is why I sew, not golf!!!

ELMO said...

He lays across the keyboard when I try to type as well. He's 17, I spoil him. Aha!! I also have some seersucker that I don't know what to do with, mine has lycra in it, it may be pj's.

I don't golf because I clobbered someone on a back swing during a lesson when I was 12. It's a dangerous sport ;)