Saturday, June 25, 2016

The test... Tessuti patterns, Mandy boat tee journey

Fell in love with this pic on pinterest, and followed the link down the rabbit hole to Tessuti in Australia.  It is chock full of inspiration. They started making patterns during my sewing hiatus, just be patient while I catch up. Do I really want to print out another pattern?  Not sure, let me think about that..... so I wandered the website and found a free pattern section.  The Mandy boat tee caught my eye.

It looks comfortable, not tailored by any means, but relaxed and nice for summer.
I printed out the pattern, it is a one size fits all (note: the 4x4 printing grid is not on the first page, you have to scroll down to find it, also their default is A4 paper which is common in Australia and the UK but not here, their option is to print on legal size, but I don't normally have that on hand).

There was this great piece of teal modal in the stash.
I measured the sleeve against some other long sleeved t-shirts in my wardrobe and it looked reasonable.

Remember to iron as you go, it makes a difference.

It's pretty straight forward, the neckline falls perfectly, and they show you a little trick to get it to fall flat against the shoulder.  That was a nice detail.

Here's the bad part.
The sleeve, which I measured, strangles my arm.  I would need another 1" so watch for that if you make it. I had sworn off garments without some shaping, but thought this would be ok for a casual tee, and find I'm distracted by it.  If it were made in a stretchier fabric, it would have been a non issue.  Sorry for the dark pics, I'm clearly not set up here yet.

Now it's decision time, do I take it apart and add some width to the sleeve, or do I drape it into a more traditional fitted tee?  I certainly want to wear it, the fabric is beautiful.

Stay tuned....


Vicki said...

I just made up my first (probably my only) Mandy tee. I took 2 cm out of the width each side from neckline to hem. And it is still large. mine is a cotton jersey and I find the sleeves are just right. Tight enough to sit well. I'll only wear mine as a layering piece.

Irene said...

The fabric looks lovely - you'll have to do whatever makes this a comfortable piece to wear.

ELMO said...

Thanks for the support Irene, I'll be making something else for sure.

Vicki, I'm happy it worked out for you, I might try it one more time in a stretchier knit. I was hoping this would look like an Eileen Fisher top, but this didn't work out.

celkalee said...

Really nice fabric and a nice casual style. It reminds me of a top I made some time ago. Generous everywhere except right above the elbow. I ended up adding a gusset with a bias cut of the left over fabric. There wasn't much and the bias cut was used because I didn't have enough fabric to cut on grain :) Can't wait to see how you handle this.

ELMO said...

A gusset would have been a good option, but I need to tailor it a bit more. I can't wait to see how I handle it either :) haha