Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Botanical Seamwork Lisbon gown

This is the Lisbon gown from the Seamwork line.

Untitled Untitled

This will be the first time since I was very small that I have a matching gown and robe.  My mother always managed to have a coordinated set.


I went my own way in construction around the neckline and straps.  I could not find a 1 1/4" elastic lace to match my fabric.  There was an option of picking white and dyeing the elastic but decided to go with the same bias fold tape to coordinate with the robe.  This meant I needed to gather at the armhole to give the garment the shape the elastic would have given it.  


 The modesty panel included in the pattern was shaped on the body and pinned, then trimmed and sewn in place.


 A nice alternative to the knit T's I've been wearing as late and it's very cool...



celkalee said...

Such class she's got these days! Beautiful set.

Irene said...

Beautiful! Seems that in yesteryear people paid more attention to what they slept in - hence the matching sets. Sad that any old t-shirt constitutes sleepwear for many.

ELMO said...

Thank you!

Yes, t-shirts for convenience but it's nice to get dressed for bed.