Saturday, July 2, 2016

No, really, this is the Mandy Boat tee and a repurposed pair of wide leg trousers


Changes to the pattern include, taking in the width an inch on the front and back body, and widening both the sleeve and armhole opening another inch.  Since this pattern is a one size fits all, the sleeve is the only potential problem area.  My arms are not large, and as drafted, it did not work for me.  Another factor is the stretch in your fabric.  A stable knit may give you too little ease, whereas a stretchy fabric like ITY knit, or gauzey knit may provide the stretch you need without further modification. 

Untitled Untitled

It looks much better on the body.

  It is made in a tissue weight modal rib fabric, that is so light and sheer it will need a camisole when worn outside, but so soft it could double as a pajama top in a pinch, which will be convenient for an upcoming trip.

The fabric has been in the stash a long time.

The Mandy Boat Tee will be paired with a pair of newly repurposed linen palazzo pants that are now culotte length.  


 This alteration was very easy, since the pants were already very wide, it was a matter of hemming the linen and lining.  I cut off  9" from the length, from these very wide pants, and hemmed, and voila, another addition to the closet that I will wear with all of those new t-shirts :)



It's going to be a wrinkled summer.


celkalee said...

You have certainly been a busy bee! This is a great Summer wear, loose, comfy and nice and neutral. Good one!!!

ELMO said...

My goodness, I can't stop, I finally got around to making a plastic bag holder.

Irene said...

Great work on all the t-shirts. I'm with you - once you've come up with a TNT t-shirt, it's just a matter of changing design details.