Friday, July 1, 2016

The simple Kimono tee pattern....and variations

Once you find a TNT pattern, there's a tendency to want to make them over and over again, as the case with the kimono tee.  The trick is in varying the pattern once you've spent all that time getting the fit perfect.  Shopping on the web, these are variations of the same basic pattern.

Pick a print instead of a solid, change the neckline to rounded, and add a neckline binding.

Change the fiber to linen, neckline to a wider crewneck and add cuffs to the sleeves.

Make the neckline a V, add shaping to the hem.

All of these can be adapted from any TNT kimono pattern you have, a change in fabric, neckline, neckline treatment, hem treatment and you have a new wardrobe for summer in no time.

Images courtesy of Net a porter.

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