Monday, July 11, 2016

Scraps from projects...can be panties.... Rosy Ladyshorts muslin Cloth Habit.

There is a bra and panty box with all manner of elastics, stretch lace, super mesh, straps, everything you need to put together a lingerie wardrobe.  Of course, I don't have what I need for the Rosy Ladyshorts pattern from Cloth Habit.  Allover stretch lace is missing from the box, but we forge ahead because I may soon be in a city where I can pick some up, so excited!!  We start with the muslin pattern in cotton jersey.


 I had read that some found the crotch to be very long, I suspected this might be a problem for me as well, because I have a not so full bottom, so using a pair of panties that were very similar, I compared my panties to the pattern.  


The crotch would be about 2" too long, so I trimmed that away, and kept the rest as is. 
Then I made another pattern based on my existing pair, which I was taking in anyway, because I've lost weight, and I don't like things to go to waste. I know, who does that?


Now I have two patterns, one with just a shorter crotch, and the other with a higher front leg.


I followed the construction instructions, and on the website there's a lot of useful information on how to select your fabrics as well as good information on the stretch factor in knits.  I really like using the 1" stretch lace across the waist and will try it on other TNT panty patterns.  I took some liberties with the crotch instructions but this works.


 They both fit, the test will be if they stay up with wear, as they are super comfortable, but time will tell...  So far I recommend the pattern, the style is comfortable, and they are easy to make, the tutorials on the website are very informative.

It's a free pattern from Cloth Habit, here, and if I were a smaller size, I would buy their Watson bra it is exactly what I've been looking for :(


celkalee said...

My inspiring friend, you never cease to amaze me with what you can do with a little of this and a little of that. I did check out the blog site and I will study it later today when time permits. Thank you for that. I haven't made panties in a while and ended up buying some. I tossed a pair yesterday because the fit is all wrong. my issue is your opposite, not losing weight! Coming north?

ELMO said...

I was just at that point, really need to thin the collection, and replace some old pairs. Losing weight is easy really, my father's philosophy was best, eat more of what doesn't make you gain weight.... sigh. Men.