Sunday, July 10, 2016

Housekeeping and Getting the plastic bag population under control...

I need lots of bags.  I have a cat, which means, there is a litter box that needs tending. Martha Stewart, has a cute tutorial for a "Pretty Plastic Bag Organizer".  She uses a dish towel, which speeds the process along because all of the edges are finished.  I used an Ikea canvas that was purchased for a skirt that never materialized.  The fabric could be used for home dec, but this is not my color palette, however, it is an excellent Pretty Plastic Bag Organizer....and now I have two.  I should have done this ages ago.

Martha's tutorial here.

Untitled Untitled

Here is another addition to the closet, a new white linen skirt.


This had been my mother's, it was long, with a small waist, and a slit up the front.
 I cut 6" off the length, and hemmed.  It is perfect for summer, fully lined and a good length now.


After I cut the waistband off, I serged the edge, and applied a petersham ribbon.  I've always wanted to try that technique, hope it launders well.


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