Sunday, March 11, 2012

Buckingham Palace Lady Di's Dress Exhibit

Well now I'm sorry I didn't book a flight to London. If you are in London or are planning on going before March 26th, you might want to step by Buckingham Palace, in addition to the Lady Diana Dress exhibit, they are also showcasing the recent 12M£ renovation.

You can read about it here at

more at NY Magazine online.


Corrine said...

There was a mini-exhibit of Diana's dresses at our home show. Some of the photo's are on my blog. Wish I could have put on some white gloves and looked at the insides! A few things struck me, each dress was couture so it was perfectly fitted, many of them appeared to have the same basic block, the variations were type of fabric, some embellishments, sleeve/shoulder style. She was small, much more so than I expected, the camera adds more than 20 pounds I think.

ELMO said...

That must have been when she was suffering from bulimia.