Saturday, March 31, 2012

Don't you hate it when bloggers skip around on a project?

So first I'd like to say, "Sorry for skipping around".

The jacket muslin has been cut, but I had been taking the Craftsy "Couture Dress Class" with Susan Khalje, and I thought, I really should share this while it's still fresh in my mind.

Here is the pattern recommended for the class, it's nice and basic, with princess seams.
Vogue 8648

Depending on the fabric can be dressed up or down.

Now I normally need an FBA but elected not to make any adjustments to the pattern to see how that went.


Yeah, I wasn't impressed either, if I had no experience, or was impatient, I would have considered the course, and the pattern a dud. It's tight across the bust, the curve is too angled and there is pulling at the top of the neckline Ugh what was I thinking... Sometimes though you need to step back, have a cup of tea and take it slowly. The plan of attack.... I decided to leave the skirt off and tackle one section at a time, so the bodice was first.

From left to right,
left - original pattern no alterations,
middle - waist piece removed - shaping of the bust on the left side only
right - waist piece added back - shaping of the bust both sides, and a little shaping at the waist and under bust

Muslin bodice progress

skirt attached...

If you are thinking about taking this class, get yourself on their mailing list, they frequently have 50% off sewing classes.


Mary said...

Thank you for sharing your alterations. They resulted in such an improvement, and it's a good reminder that sewing well takes time.

Sewing Galaxy said...

I learn from my teacher, who is herself haute couture master.
Her words: Never make the changes on the left! Man is never symmetrical.
If you turn the dress inside out, then the right breast is actually on the left.
But if one has different breasts or height of the shoulders or breasts, then you have a problem.

ELMO said...

Hello Mary!!

Sewing Galaxy- If I'm understanding correctly, what you mean by left is inside out. It's a good point to make, when you are working on a muslin make sure you fit the garment right side out, and mark your left and right.

Linda said...

I agree with Mary-sewing well takes time.

Clio said...

I'm guilty of jumping around too at the moment. And this post is well worth it!

Sometimes I'll make a muslin without alterations too, just to see... it never works. ;-)

Bundana said...

Hey there!

This is next on the list!

I am doing the Sew Retro Bombshell dress from Cratsy. It looks amazing!!

I am jealous of your dressform too. You make some excellent stuff. My blog will one day be as full of lovely jubbly stuff as yours!! I'm trying to go from novice to pro... we shall see!

Take care and I will watch closely to how you get on :D

Caffy aka Bundana

ELMO said...

Hello Linda thanks for checking in.

Ah Clio we are adventurous aren't we, it's nice to save the hopeless ones though.

Thank you for your kind compliment Bundana, I'll look for you on Craftsy and I've just checked in on your blog and see some pretty cute things. All the best.