Thursday, March 1, 2012

VPLL Challenge pattern #0336 Ladies Princess Slip - Progress

I really wanted to have this finished today but I've run into a few issues. First, the lace required for this project is 1" and 2". I found some lace in the stash but it wasn't the proper width, so I decided to sew them together for this project.

Picking lace

I really liked the top combination so started preparing the laces, since this was in my mother's stash, it was in a big ball. I untangled it, and wound it on a cardboard. Then I decided to press it, so that I could start making strips and this is what happened.

Cotton rot, it shredded as I extended it, so that was out.
Cotton Rot

Well then one type of lace it is.
Inserts in princess seams

This has taken a lot of time, and a lot of thread.
Here's where I am...Front

and back!

I don't have the ribbon insert lace in a proper color, and I've left the front open so that I can get in and out easily. There is still plenty to do on what I thought would be a simple little project.


CC Maxwell said...

Love this! You have done what I want to do with the 1912 Project clothing, made it sort of correct but still wearable in 2012 without looking like you are wearing a costume. I made mine out of white cotton and am using it for a summer night gown but may have to do one similar to yours to wear during the summer for picnics or even to church.

Lisa and Robin said...

Can't believe how "un-slip-like" this pattern becomes when it is done in anything other than a solid. Sorry about the cotton rot, a bit of bad luck there.

ELMO said...

Thank you CC (love the kitty) I was surprised at the result, and I like it.

Lisa and Robin - This is just a lesson to me to use what I have because bad things can happen when fabric and lace sit for so long unused.

Corrine said...

Love the fabric for this. Not "slippy" at all. So sorry for your lace problem. Now I need to go check my stash as well. I am sure much of it is very old. I had plans for it, that may have to change. I had to do a little smile to myself after reading your comment....a simple little project! Do you ever make a simple little project? (((smile)))

ELMO said...

You know Corrine - I try, but it just seems that the simpler the garment the more like a blank canvas it is. Yes, check your stock, it took me an hour to untangle the lace (it's about 30 yards), only to have it give up on me in the end.

LynDee said...

That is definitely one cute dress. What a fun choice of fabric.