Saturday, March 17, 2012

VPLL #0291 1912 Ladies Wrap and the scary fabric.

The wrap as drafted doesn't meet at the side waist, this is a true wrap, not a little jacket or shrug. That was the most difficult concept to understand, because I really wanted it to meet. The front and back have soft tucks making the bodice even narrower still. Taking the time to study the pattern and illustration pays off.

Fabric selection was tricky for this because I wanted to make this for someone else. Then it was figuring out what color palette would be good for them and if I had inventory of it.

So I present to you the fugliest fabric ever. I'll be fair, it's a silk cotton twill and the fabric itself is pretty fabulous, but the print is a psychotic Rorschach test blot. There is a misprint and it is not symmetrical. However, I like it so much in this example that I'm considering leaving the contrast collar off.



It's just pinned on the form, so now it's a question of how I want to finish it.


Don't you just love photoshop?


Corrine said...

I like the Asian sensibility of the cut of the wrap and your fabric sort of emphasizes it. The black contrast belt looks good and give me an idea of black silky pants and a little lace cami, probably also in black with this as the wow piece. just thinking..... beautiful.

ELMO said...

Hiya Corrine.
That sounds like a good idea, you really don't need much when something is this busy. I really like the way the back lined up, honestly I didn't have much faith that this print could be used for anything useful.

debbi said...

You did a great job in making this. I like it (although not the print, I'm actually more on the subtle side of prints most of the time).

ELMO said...

Thanks debbi, It's not quite finished yet maybe by Friday. The print is pretty outrageous but it was part of a free bundle cut and it was in the stash.