Monday, March 5, 2012

VPLL Challenge pattern #0336 Ladies Princess Slip - finished

Well due to all the hand sewing and tweaking it took longer than I thought but it is finished now.
It's finally been pressed, seam allowances trimmed, loose threads removed and it looks all the better for it. It's a fun flirty lightweight summer dress.


I found a vintage velvet ribbon belt for the photo shoot.
Vintage Belt

Next up is the first "Official" group pattern for the project, the afternoon wrap.

As you can see, it is a size 32 bust, so there will be some weird science going on here to get it to fit me.


Corrine said...

Some years ago my MIL won a lottery. Not big money but plenty to keep them happy. Everyone she met wanted to touch her to let the luck "rub off!" I need to "Touch" you so that some of your sewing mojo might rub off. This dress is absolutely adorable. I think my favorite part is the flirty hem. Great job. Waiting for the good vibes to jump start me or I will be naked this summer, not a good thought.

Brooke said...

I absolutely LOVE the fabric you used! I was thinking of using something similar that I have in my stash to make a summer dress as well (since my first version of the slip turned out so well). It looks great on you!

And I'll be making the same wrap even though I'm not in your group (I'm in 4). =)

ELMO said...

Corrine - I am sending you good sewing mojo!!

Thanks Brooke, I look forward to your version!

Clio said...

Beautiful! I bet you will live in this dress this summer!

Mr Hollister said...
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Catherine said...

great idea to make the slip in a fabric that makes it wearable as a dress, I love the little belt too

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Beautiful! This is such a chic little dress. Vintage/retro looking but totally wearable in 2012. Love all the lace!