Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another bias slip....V2978

I have planned a few shirt dresses this year and just want the flexibility of not "having" to line them if I don't want to. This is part of an OOP Donna Karan Vogue pattern V2978 (this is the slip to the dress pattern) also cut on the bias, with darts instead of seaming. I've noticed that Vogue repeats this same slip pattern in other pattern numbers so I thought I would give it a test run. It's simpler, only 2 body pieces instead of the 6 on the Folkwear pattern (not including straps and lace edging).

Slip on a form

Here is the flat sketch
Flat sketch slip V2978

If it were made in a heavier silk, it might be a nice little slip dress.

You can just about make out the hand stitching on the bias binding...
Close up

Narrow hem and french seam
French Seam and Narrow hem

Narrow hem in progress.
Narrow hem

Bias binding..
Measuring to cut the underarm bias strip

This is 100% silk crepe de chine, it's lighter in color than the other slip and it will be a welcome slip for a few white silk fabrics that are in the queue.

Tomorrow I resume work on the corset, cutting out the muslin is the next step, and I might be able to sew it together, but the busk and bones need to hurry up and get here, to move on....


Corrine said...

Very nice. I don't wear dresses much anymore, but plan to make some for summer and would rather not line them. As much as I like lace and embellishments, I do not like the patterns showing through. I think I have a similar pattern somewhere in the bins, I need to take a look.

Clio said...

Lovely! Really, I get so much use out of my basic slips.