Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Traditional Tap Pant


These are from the Folkwear pattern company, number 219, Intimacies.
They are inspired by 1920's- 1930's lingerie. Silk Crepe de Chine with side snap placket.
They are very comfortable and the ease around the leg opening is more moderate than the HP pair.


I love the side placket, and they aren't bulky at all. A nice neutral color good for a first attempt. I will be wearing these and assessing them for comfort.


Despite a most loved vintage machine leaving oil on them, and being generally uncooperative (skipped stitches, and feed dog issues), I am most satisfied with the way the stitching turned out. It is for the most part pucker free and doesn't look strangled.


Clio said...

Lovely! What an understated, but luxurious piece. I haven't ever used a Folkwear pattern. I'll have to consider them in the future.

Corrine said...

lovely. I have used a Vogue pattern in the past (gave it away I think) and loved the look. However, walking about in them proved to be a bunching experience, inner thigh. I never really fussed with them to tailor the fit. Still have them, looking lovely, in a drawer.

ELMO said...

I used to work for Hanky Panky in NY when I was a student. They had the best lingerie, and I think I spent most of my earnings there. I used to wear the tap pants they made without issue, but haven't worn them since. I'll report back once I have some other projects finished. I wonder though if a longer tap pant might lesson the bunching issue.

Clio, Folkwear have had good and less good patterns, I can wholeheartedly recommend this one though. The bias slip is fabulous!! I'll be making another up to match the tap pants.

Mary said...

These are so pretty, and the side closure is nice. I have used V 7837 for tap pants and like the result. The side and back is high so they are best for bedroom attire. Thanks for the info on this Folkwear pattern.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Those are beautiful! I love the idea of vintage lingerie (though confess I'll stick with stretch fabrics for panties in real life).

ELMO said...

I totally understand stretch fabrics popularity (and practicality) but I think there are times when you want to wrap yourself in silk. Wait until you see the other things I have planned this year.... I'm very excited!!

Caroline said...

What a lovely sewing job! They are gorgeous! It's sometimes hard to get such nice seams in delicate fabric. Beautiful job. I love tap pants!