Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Traveler Lisette -Simplicity 2246 Piping and making it your own

What to do next.... remember I said I didn't like the overcast seams on the sleeves, and thought about doing that differently on this version? So I wanted to incorporate a contrast color, something to spice it up a bit. Here are the color combinations I explored.

I thought brown would tie into a brown leather belt I was thinking of using as an alternative to the self made sash. The brown is a length of quilting cotton that I would have cut into bias strips.

They've been showing Neon colors in the collections for the last few years and I think that's what nudged me for these options.

Neon yellow

Neon Pink

Or maybe layering the colors...
Yellow brown

Really the possibilities are endless. I'll surprise you with the final color selection in the next post.

So as a parting shot, this was my Traveler v.1, the one with all of the traveling pins on it. I think I had more fun shooting the photographs for this dress than anything else.

The traveler packed

The pins have been replaced with antique brass buttons, and a leather belt. It's been worn a bit, and I'm still waiting for the fabric to soften and lose the lint catcher properties it has.

Here it is now... Traveler v1.1
Traveler v.1


Mary said...

I love this dress!

Marie-Noƫlle said...

What a fun print ! I love the piping.