Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Traveler Lisette -Simplicity 2246 Finished

I won't keep you in suspense any longer....I chose the pink.



This used a package of the wider double fold bias tape by Wrights (3 yards). I cut the bias tape in half to reduce the bulk, and to increase yardage. In the end it was used on both sides of the front placket.


Inside hem


Sleeve seam allowance (mock Hong Kong finish)

There were plenty of areas for pattern matching (which turned out to be a challenge).
The center front placket both on the inside and outside pieces, and of course the pocket.

The printing wasn't perfect on this fabric, it wasn't perfectly square with a slight wave to the pattern about 7" in from selvage on one side. So matching could have been a lot worse. This is something to consider if you have a project where the matching needs to be perfect, check this out on your fabric before you cut into it.

I think this is why I have mostly solids in my fabric stash.


Gabrielle said...

That looks so nicely sewn, and you definitely conquered the pattern matching! The pink piping looks like the right choice - I meant to give my two cents worth but didn't get to it!

Corrine said...

I am so glad you chose the pink for the piping. It provides just the right "pop." Beautifully done I might add. Thanks for sharing. Your projects always interest me. Your diverse talents inspire.

Mary said...

The pink is a great choice-it makes the yellow look vivid. Thanks for the tip about using the double wide tape...I have a lot of wide tape and now know how I can use it.

Paola said...

I've just finished the Traveler dress too - mine is a bit like your first version. I love the piping on this version. Great dress.

Clio said...

You absolutely made the right call on the hot pink piping! GREAT dress.

Leslie V said...

Very nice work. Love the pink piping too!!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Gorgeous! I love the piping choice and your fabric print. Your invisible pocket is entirely impressive!