Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Downton Abbey Clothing article

Is there anyone out there that isn't obsessed?

Dailymail Article Downton Abbey

And if you were sad that the series ended, we habe something else to look forward to on April the 14th a new mini series called "Titanic" from the writers of Downton Abbey.

Titanic preview (Youtube clip)


Corrine said...

I certainly miss Downton. There is something about the time, the history, the clothing that speaks to me. Friends think I may have been reincarnated from that time period:) Thanks for the article, enjoyed it.

Alexandra said...

Huh... I'm I the only person on the planet who didn't know it had stopped... for good????
I'm so sad now cr°p!

ELMO said...

Corrine - You know what's funny, the 1912 pattern fits me with less fussing than the current Vogues.... hmmm maybe I have a natural 1912 silhouette :) Somebody get be back to 1912!!!

Alexandra - There is another season coming but I don't think it will air until next year. We'll just have to keep watching the reruns or look for other period movies to watch until then.... I know it's sad. We are here to support you ;)

Alexandra said...

Thank you so much, it already feels better just talking about it...