Saturday, October 6, 2012

Facings are our friends......

I know, no one likes them, they flop around inside a garment and sometimes they're bothersome and bulky.


So we are trying an experimental treatment, it was how this dress is finished around the neckline, sleeve hem and skirt hem, I thought it was pretty interesting, we'll have to see if it holds up in the wash.  The dress below was finished with an edge stitch as well as a 1/4" topstitch, but I am leaving the edge stitch off.

Vogue 1317  Houndstooth Front

Cut out your facing and add your fusible interfacing to it, stitch it onto the garment, sew it just as you normally would. Trim the seam allowance and turn the facing into the garment.  Nothing different than the usual treatment so far.  Baste the facing about 1/2" from the edge and topstitch 1/4" from the edge.  Make sure to roll the facing slightly to the inside when you are basting.

Facing stitched close up

facing stitched

Trim very close to the stitching line.

trimmed facing

You end up with a narrow edge to the armhole and neckline, but you still have the stability from the fusible interfacing.

Finished t-shirt

Make yourself a blueberry crisp for doing such a great job.  This is the main reason I will never have a food blog.... I always end up eating the portion meant for the pic.

Blueberry crisp

Also the blueberry crisp will take your mind off of the fact that you still have more of that striped fabric to deal with.....
Scrap stripe

Shorts anyone?


celkalee said...

Looks like it will work just fine. You did one row of top stitching, yes?

And the blueberry crisp, stop it! I am trying to be good. I have to make something for a church bake sale tomorrow and I am making something I don't like. It's easier that way!

MAD14kt said...

Nothing like some sewing and eating :) I must try your sewing techniques!

ELMO said...

Blueberries are so expensive now, I need room in the freezer and had 3 pints of them waiting to be made with something.

MAD14kt - Let me wash this one and report back just in case :)

Janine said...

Thanks for sharing this tip - I have thought about trimming back those facings at times. Your new stripey top looks terrific - really classic - navy stripes seem to never look out.

Anonymous said...

OK...I will wait until you update your reporting :)