Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vogue 8833 - tissue fitting

Vogue 8833 

 This is a funny pattern, although it is fitted for cup sizes, the front hem rides up so that will need to be 
corrected.   What's not apparent from the photo is that it has front and back princess seams as well as darts, so you can achieve a very close fit.
8833 line drawing

Back waist placement - ok


 Front waist placement, my waist is about 1 1/2" below the pattern's

Also the crossover on the front is very high, the tie placement is also very high, so onto tweaking.  If you are 
going to make this adjustment, take into consideration the valley between the breasts, I have several bras that fill that area out, and others that do not.  So if you wear a cami, or something that bridges the area between the bust points, the cross over will need to be a longer length, if the cross over falls between than it will be shorter (clear as mud right?) 

 The shoulder seam comes past the shoulder to the front bodice, and I will need to add a bit to that, as I'm coming up short on the front for that 5/8" seam.
  IMG_6317 IMG_6318 I wonder sometimes if they just don't take these things into consideration in the larger sizes, or if grading is the issue. I'll keep an eye out for people making this top in the smaller sizes.


Corrine said...

I have always like this pattern but never felt like futzing with all the fitting I would need because the "girls" struggle with that closing. I am anxious to see what you think of this. What type of fabric are you using. I have one in a lovely polished cotton but it is a little stiff. I thought maybe a knit fabric might work. what do you think?

ELMO said...

I have a cotton spandex that I was saving for another pattern. This pattern calls for a woven (no stretch), so I am hoping the little bit of give will help with the fitting. We shall see.