Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vogue 8833 - Progress on the muslin


Can you say shiny? 
This version was made from a Black Japanese herringbone cotton, it has a sheen on the right side.

After tissue fitting, it was apparent that the front wrap was going to gap.  This lead to adding a tuck where the tie is attached to the front panel (on both right and left sides).

Before and after pattern adjustments front bodice

Close up of tuck adjustment


 So far the adjustments are
+ adding length to the front pieces (about 2 1/2" which was done not on the pattern but at the time of cutting)
+ adding length to the shoulder front and back (cut the next size up at the shoulder)
+ adding fabric for the tuck at the front tie
- shortening the ties 12" (I may add the length back in or remove it altogether and replace it with a button closure)

Since dropping the waist, the proportions are a little off, so the hemline is exactly where I would like it to be. For the final version I'll add 7/8" to the hem for the turn up.


Corrine said...

That gap is a bugger, isn't it. I like your tuck idea. The one I wear now has the gap and I added a little tuck in the same place after the fact. (it was RTW) I would guess that the fabric is nicer in person, yes?

ELMO said...

The fabric is a nightmare, it hangs onto every wrinkle, even after pressing it comes back. It's my muslin fabric, it was $1 a yard so I'm not complaining.