Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why can't I find the one I want? Basic Shirt patterns

From what I can tell the shirts in silk from yesterday's post didn't have darts, the sleeves were not drop sleeves.

Hmmm stash patterns reveal...
Princess lines and gathering

princess lines..IMG_6175

Hey this might work...but there is something funky going on with that collar.... oh yeah and it's the wrong size, this was for my niece.

Darts and wider collar...

Princess lines, no collar, and sleeves are wrong...

Neckline wrong, gathers and princess line
Vogue 8747

Darts but the collar is smaller, has the right sleeves... but I don't own it.  

Vogue 8772

Looks like I need to draft my own, but since Vogue 8747 is on the cutting table now, I'll work on that until I'm ready.
Vogue 8747

I'm wondering about those front gathers now....
Vogue 8747 pattern photo

They are going to have to be reduced somewhat.... I find them distracting.
vogue 8747 photo close up


Irene said...

I often find that it's necessary to put together several patterns to get the "perfect shirt". One pattern somehow never has quite all the details that I want. Besides, using bits and pieces of different patterns is still much faster than drafting from scratch!

Clio said...

In a silk print perhaps the gathers will look more subtle than in a cotton solid?

ELMO said...

Irene - That's true, I've done that in the past as well, coming very close to what I want. This time I'm putting my foot down and I want it to be exact. (wish me luck)

Clio - That's a good point but I don't want to sacrifice a silk to find out, but I will use a very lightweight cotton to see what that looks like first.

erinkg said...

The closest I've seen is McCall's 6436. It has one set of darts, however they are minimal (and disguised somewhat if you add the pockets), plus the pattern comes in cup sizes. :)

Argh! I now have to prove I'm not a robot (by typing in the letters/numbers in the mini-photos) - I hope this doesn't take too long.