Friday, October 5, 2012

McCalls 5671 Getting Scrappy

I'm working on the shirt next (I swear I am).  Cleaning up the work area, I was stopped by the scraps from the navy striped pants and cream colored top I made a few projects back.  They are too big to put in a scrap pile and too small for yardage.

I have left over fabric from this project and instead of stuffing it back into bins it's going to be made up in another top to match those striped pants.


Can't forget the pants
pant doodle

Leaning towards these variations
variations exp

And the stripes don't look bad at all..

Here we are, with the work in process.... not enough of the white for those lofty ideas above.  I like this version, the dart is hiding in plain site without the added bulk.  Maybe I can finish it tonight.

WIP front striped t


Corrine said...

Very nice. Isn't interesting how a challenge, like this, give such a great return? Very Chanel!

Irene said...

Great way to use up all the fabric.

ELMO said...

Corrine - I can always use another t-shirt, do you think it looks like Chanel, if I had an embroidery machine I would put a double "C" across the front and "fake" on the back.

Oh Irene - I still have more fabric I think this will be my uniform for 2012.

Corrine said...

I used to use monograms a lot, might start again. Anyway, my initials are CK, everyone thought that i was trying to fake Calvin Klein! So I added the middle initial and put the last in the middle, (cKl) and that sort of settled it down. I didn't want to be arrested for impersonating a designer, then I would have to wear stripes....not my best look in an all over print!

ELMO said...

Corrine - I don't have fabulous initials so I am spared.... however I'm not spared the stripe in the wardrobe. This fabric is like spaghetti the more I consume the more left over there seems to be.

Anonymous said...

gorgoeous! What is the fabric composition?

ELMO said...

They are both mid weight ponte knits with a composition of Rayon, polyester and spandex.