Tuesday, October 23, 2012

When the Universe Aligns - The Holiday Wardrobe part 1

I am on a shirt making binge, looking for that magical shirt pattern, when I stumble into a thrift store to find a full range of fine cotton shirts with their tags still on, and even a linen tunic and a silk bias skirt.  Is the universe telling me to stop trying and just buy them?  Or do they want me to use them as patterns?

Here is the first shirt, Ralph Lauren Blue Label, $4.00, how could this not come home with me?
TL plaid shirt

I especially like the sleeves, fitted along the armhole and full at the long cuff, and the mother of pearl buttons.

RL plaid shirt cuff

So what to wear with it if it's warm?

Black poplin skirt Butterick 5756.

RL plaid combo 1

What to wear with it if it's cold?

Vintage Navy Suede skirt
RL combo 2

And it can be worn with jeans or navy pants, a winner!!! One outfit option identified for cold and warm weather, 14 more to go...


Corrine said...

Well, you know this is just killing me. If I had found it would have a hole in the back and a big stain by the third front button! Lucky you! Looks great with both skirts.

annie said...

Can I please have that gorgeous shirt? You get an A+ for smart thrift-shop shopping.

ELMO said...

Oh Corrine, I still have a silk broomstick pleat skirt in the closet that i didn't see the stain on, not sure what's going to happen to that.

Annie - Head out to those thrift stores! I'm finding all sorts of things, but then again I've had years of finding nothing.