Sunday, October 21, 2012

Holiday Sewing....from a different persepective

I'm not talking about quilts or bags, or fleece, I'm talking about my wardrobe.

Right about now I'm thinking about the holidays and how the next 10 weeks will be a blur.  I'm also thinking about those holiday photographs and how they become part of history.  I am determined to get my holiday wardrobe together with plenty of time for contingency plans, so here are my priorities for the 2012 Holiday wardrobe plan.

1) Articles of clothing that look good photographed (with me in them)

The flashbulb phenomena
- I still remember that shot of my niece back to back taken in the kitchen.  I was wearing a black Patagonia zip top - it was like a cool max fabric light but opaque, underneath was a nude colored bra but it was a shiny fabric, like a power tricot.  Once the flash went off, all I could hear from behind the camera was, uhmmm we need to take that one over, and no matter how many times they took it, that shiny bra was all you saw.  So make sure you ask gleefully to see the camera so you can view the pic and delete it before it makes it into any family album.

The shiny fabric phenomena
It will add weight, no matter what you do, but if that doesn't bother you then go for it.

The placement in the group phenomena
My family have mastered getting behind me, or having me be the one closest to the flash.  Then I look all lit up and huge a little like this.

Alice in wonderland

Oh no but not this year, I will have the quarter turn mastered, and will shuffle behind everyone.

2) Articles of clothing that look good with jewelry and shoes that I never wear any other time of the year.

I have a few pieces of jewelry that are never worn, mainly because the stuff I wear every day is small and streamlined and practical.  Since I won't be cooking, working out, cleaning etc, I should like to use them.  I've made this an after thought in the past, then decide not to wear it because it just doesn't look right with what I'm wearing.

3) Pieces that can be layered and can tackle changing temperatures
I remember one year asking my SIL what the temperatures would be and she said "Oh it's warm, bring light things", the following day it dropped down into the 40's.  I had to run out and buy a few things, an unnecessary expense.  Lesson learned, check the weather report and ave temps.

4) Make sure my foundation garments are in order.
I will not look lumpy this year, or have any wardrobe malfunctions.

I have some time to get things in order if I start now.  Which reminds me I need to have my hair done soon.


Marie-Noƫlle Lafosse said...

Hilaroius but so true.

ELMO said...

Oh Marie but we will be prepared this year!