Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013 Panel print Summer dress Vogue 1344

IMG_8368 - Copy

I was very excited to get these two panels of Anna Sui print silk satin in a mystery bundle.  So they have been waiting for the right pattern.  The print is not symmetrical, and later I would find that the fabric twisted during the printing process and the print itself was not squared.  It has been taken out and put away because of these challenges.


The colors were unusual, it is mostly a black ground with cream, and some stronger colors scattered in the print, the print itself I thought had a lovely 20's vibe, or Southwest vibe depending on what you were looking at.   The lilac though had me wondering how I would use it, because it almost looks like a misprint, so it was eliminated entirely.


The skirt section was cut as a large rectangle to take advantage of the border print. 

vogue 1344 envelope pic line drawing

 This left me short for the  skirt overlay, so I used the excess fabric at the waist, and formed a pleat to match the cross over on the bodice, making it look like a mock wrap dress. 

skirt wrap pleat

 The length of the skirt left me with very little to make the bodice out of, so part of the border was pieced to the remaining fabric.

IMG_8361 - Copy

The top half of the dress is true to the pattern with no changes.  Complete with facings and linings.
IMG_8362 - Copy

It's a cute little dress, weighs next to nothing, has an unusual bias sleeve "cuff", that is turned back on itself.
So onto the next project, until the seersucker gets here for the jacket I wanted to make.

IMG_8364 - Copy

IMG_8366 - Copy


Mary said...

Nice dress, and how interesting to read about your decision making with this cool fabric. It reminds me a bit of Tetris.

ELMO said...

Thank you Mary, I totally see Tetris now, LOL.

Corinne said...

Hello, what a cute dress. Perfect for the summer wardrobe builder!

ELMO said...

Thank you C!! This is my second summer dress, so now I have two black dresses for the summer. Time to branch out in the color spectrum.

Clio said...

Wow. I was on the verge of buying this fabric a few times and backed away because I didn't have a project in mind. Glad that you recognized there was a problem and worked around it! Great dress!

ELMO said...

Thanks Clio, I only lost about 5" on the border because of the printing, so was happy to use it because the fabric itself is nice.