Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pears in Pants

The famous pear in pants. These are my favorite, which looks like fitted from the waist to the widest part of the leg, and straight down maintaining a wide leg. The thing to consider here is that both of these examples are made out of a crepe with drape (and let's not forget the heels that are hiding under the hems).

These are cute and camouflage a bit.

Now if you'll bear with me, I also thing pears can carry off the harem pant look, and they might be a fun item to have in the closet.  I happen to love this outfit, I wish I could see the other half of it.  It looks a little like what we do when we come home with a lovely piece of buttery knit fabric, but better.

And because you know we live in jeans, these are fitted from the waist to the knee and flare.

Then there are the leggings, I like these on pears with the right top.  A peplum top that is fitted, with the hem hitting a few inches above the widest point would be a nice combination.

Here's another good combination, the hem is higher on the front and longer on the back.


becki-c said...

I have learned to not taper my pants too much, straight down from above the knee. But that looks silly in jeans so I did have to taper to skinny-ish.
I'm pretty happy in my dress pants, here:
My husband approves of the nice tight curves...

MAD14kt said...

I take it, you are a J LO fan or she just happens to have on what you want to discuss :)

ELMO said...

Sorry MAD14kt - When I think of pear, I think of J Lo, so I started with her, and it was a quick post. Although Kelly Rowland is in there, I will try and mix things up next time.

Becki-c - I guess it's about having options. Tapering is tricky, I think the mom jeans with the pleats at the waist and the tapered ankle have shown up more on the what not to wear list so we stay away from taper, but some tapering isn't bad.
Nice fit by the way.

Karin said...

Ask and you shall receive!

I definitely gravitate to the first style of pants. I hadn't considered the harem pants the thing. I sort of assumed that they would just increase the size of the situation!

Interestingly, my dad and stepmom were just here to visit. My stepmom is from Costa Rica and in her early 60s. I think I look splendid in my sailor pants (high waist, fitted through the hips then hanging straight down). She much preferred me in my skinny jeans which I think make me look like a sausage ready to bust out. I am sure this is because she is a from a generation of Latina women where a pear shape was the ideal. Sadly, she is more "boobs on a stick" and has always been a frustrated. Of course, here in London that is just perfect. It's hard to be in just the right place at just the right time! :-)

ELMO said...

My mother was a pear, she was sad that I had more of athletic build and less of a bottom. She thought bottoms were important.