Monday, May 20, 2013

The Inverted Triangle dresses

What to wear when you look wider on the top and narrower on the bottom.  I would start with darker colors on top and lighter colors on bottom, and look for a way to add some width to the bottom to balance shape.


Giambattista Valli

 This silk dress is a little wider on the bottom, with an inverted pleat at the center.
Phillip Lim
 Something with a fuller skirt to help balance.
Temperley London

And I thought this one was interesting but would like it a bit shorter, or maybe a gauze panel on the bottom, to make it lighter, and I would lose the sandals.



Corinne said...

Balance and proportion is such a issue for most of us. This series has really helped me look at balance. Thank you, sort of like a mini-course!

Mary Beth said...

That last dress caught my eye, too and once you said gauze, my mind hit on a wool gauze in the stash waiting for a dress. Thank you! Mmmmwaaaa!

ELMO said...

Corinne - I'm learning every day.

Mary Beth - Wool gauze in the stash? Egads woman, I would have your restraint, cut into that puppy!

becki-c said...

That last dress would look good on so many figures. I do think that the length feel just a tad awkward though, I would either go longer or shorter.

ELMO said...

You are right, shorter or longer, but the sandals don't help this look.