Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Like Pears in Dresses

So you say you are pear shape.  I wish I was, and I'll tell you why.  As an hourglass, if you are big, you are big all over.  When I get dressed, the top is big, the bottom is big, and if you don't point to the waist you have that is lurking, you just look big.  When you are a pear you are narrower on top, wider on the bottom and it's a very feminine shape.

Halston heritage 2013

carolina herrera 2013

oscar de la renta

akris 2013


shams said...

I agree 1000%. I am an apple, and have always had small hips and small legs. But because my top (bust, waist, belly) has been so big, I look big all over. I *have* no waist - it's just straight up and down. I especially avoid the swing shape, and pattern companies LOVE the swing shape. Dresses look great on a pear.

Kimberly said...

I agree 100%. My bust and hip measurements are the same and I always look much heavier than pears with the same or bigger waist and hips than I have.

Malady said...

As a pear, I appreciate this post a lot.

I often lament how out of proportion my body looks... but I just need to dress smarter.

Karin said...

I am a pear. You are right, a small bodice with a full skirt really works. I never did like myself in sheath dresses though, even when I was much younger and thinner; the imbalance just seemed too glaring.
Any suggestions on trousers for pears?

ELMO said...

Shams, Kimberly - We will always be chasing out waists, so we'll have to look for create ways to do that.

Malady - I need to dress smarter too, and I think we all lament, it's difficult to see the good of our bodies shapes, we are too close to it, so it's best to have another set of eyes.

Karin - Hiya! The next post is for you.

becki-c said...

Very interesting discussion. I guess we all look at ourselves differently than other see us.
the best solution is to go into a store and spend time trying things on and looking at what you look like with a more objective eye. I haven't watched What Not To Wear in awhile its a very good study in what looks good on different shapes.
Thank you for these very informative posts, I will have to go and try to find a dress like that yellow one.

ELMO said...

I wish I were coming for a visit, trying on clothes is always fun. Then I'm always reminded of why I sew because nothing fits properly.