Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Home Organization is Major Source of Stress for Americans

And here I thought it was just us sewists who get stressed.  Apparently clutter raises cortisol levels.
Guess I had better get cleaning, so I can lose weight.

The embroidery project will have to be shelved until Mid June, it's family time for the next two weeks... I'll need at least that long to sort out the clutter :)

More Embroidery Inspiration.

Emilio Pucci

Isabel Marant
One shoulder cotton top

Isabel Marant
Star cropped skinny pant

Mara Hoffman
Embroidered racer back maxi dress

Cotton skirt

Tory Burch
Embroidered Tunic


Corinne said...

Clutter,,, now, does a sewist have to declare all the fabric as clutter or as stash? I am leaning to stash........!

ELMO said...

The way I see it, it's stash until you think it's clutter. So it's not a problem until it is, then you have to deal with it.

becki-c said...

Oh my, don't let my husband see that about the stash and clutter. I don't feel stress or clutter when I look through my stash. In fact I kind of get a rush thinking of all the potential garments. I love to pet my pretties, it calms me.
What stresses me is not having the right notions to make what I need.

becki-c said...

Love that cotton skirt bTW

ELMO said...

I think I've reached the limit on storage for stash. What's nice now is finding the favorites that I forgot I had.