Friday, May 17, 2013

More Summer Dresses.... the Sheath is Here to Stay

A little snoop shopping yesterday and what was evident is that the economy has scaled back the fine designer floor space, or is it that we are living more casually now?

I ran to the Carolina Herrera section and found an entire selection of sheath dresses.  As with anything else once you have the fit down for the first sheath, you can pretty much set this up assembly line and finish a wardrobe off in a week.  They were all variations on the sheath, most of them made out of Italian cotton twill with spandex, 4 waist darts (2 front, 2 back), lined, center back zipper, some with higher necklines some a little lower and all sleeveless.

Once you have the pattern perfected, you can play with color blocking and piping, this is especially good if you don't have enough fabric, or if you could only afford 1 yard of that expensive Italian twill.

If you've ever seen coordinating prints and have wondered, what can I make with this one that is cashmere, and this other one that is cotton.  The scarf is a cashmere blend, and the dress is cotton spandex

Then we have this one that is the same silhouette but in polyester.

Now this is not my lifestyle now, although it wouldn't hurt to have one sheath dress in the closet for an emergency.

This won't stop me from making a few for summer, but they will be slightly shorter to wear with flats.  The other nice thing about this silhouette is that since they are skimming the body, they look good under jackets and sweaters.


Clio said...

I think a great fitting sheath is one of the most attractive looks a woman can wear! Sigh. I really need a sheath TNT.

MAD14kt said...

I love the Sheath Dresses. I have made several thus far...All hail the Sheath:) Thanks for stirring me up :) LOL

ELMO said...

Go forth and sheath yourselves girls!!

MAD14kt said...

@ Elmo,LOL ... I actually have one on my cutting table...FIESTA :)

becki-c said...

Its great if you have the figure for it, your figure is well balanced and shapely.
You also need the perfect super-fab print (large scale) fabric.

Irene said...

I've been thinking about taking the time to perfect a tnt sheath for a number of years now, and you've inspired me to forge ahead. Definitely a classic.