Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Simple Dress Vibrant Print - Escada Interlock

The last post and the black bathing suit cover up had me thinking about how simple construction can be good for clothes that I wear on a daily basis.  So many patterns available are complicated, and the simple ones are so simple you think they can't be interesting, but in the last post a beautiful print is sometimes all you need to dress it up.  This is my new favorite dress for the summer.




It was expensive, so I only bought a yard, and very little is left, the white selvage was trimmed and used to face the sleeve openings.



Was a little unsure about the colors at the start but it looks great on me, and goes with at least 3 sandals I already own.



Mary Beth said...

I love it, simply love it. Would also like to see it on you some time.

Corinne said...

Agree! The beautiful print would be lost in a complicated design. This is perfect, too cute!

becki-c said...

LOVE it! I think the fabric colors are perfect for you, I bet it looks stunning. It would be hard to only wear this as a swimsuit coverup.

Teri said...

What a lovely piece of fabric and great idea using the selvage for facing. I just bought some silk jersey from Mood. I might have to use the selvage.

ELMO said...

Mary Beth = Thank You! I promise as soon as the end of the month rolls around I'll model them.

Corinne = Thank you, this has given me ideas for other prints languishing in the stash.

Becki - This is no swimsuit cover up, I will be wearing this around town.

Teri = Welcome, Ohhh silk jersey, anything you make with it will be luxurious.

Mary said...

I totally agree with you that simple garments are good for daily clothes, and using a wild print is the way to make them special. I recognized this as expensive immediately! :-)

ELMO said...

Thanks Mary!!

becki-c said...

I completely misread, its a beautiful 'around town' dress. I need to so things like this instead of wearing jeans everywhere. Its so creative and chic.

ELMO said...

No worries I find I do that all the time.