Saturday, May 18, 2013

BC says she can't wear a sheath... Camouflage

From everything I've read, they recommend the sheath dress for everyone... however I recognize that we all want to camouflage some area, but even within body types there might be challenges.  I don't like to show my arms, so I always want sleeves or sleeve caps.  I have a friend who always wants to show cleavage, she'll pick something to show that off.

So pick a part you want to show off, and one you want to hide and plan your dress around it, and if you can stand to wear them, get foundation garments to help smooth out areas.

If you like your decolletage...

This one is very daring but also pretty clever, because it accentuates (creates) the waist as well as the bust and neckline, and the design draws your eye up creating a vertical line. You could even add sleeves or capped sleeves and add a little more fabric to the neckline and it would still be very good.

Roberto Cavalli

What if you think you don't have shape and want to create an hour glass and you think your shoulders are narrow?  If your shoulders are wide, you can minimize the effect and remove the sleeves, or you could reverse the panel colors and make the side panels darker the center lighter.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Center panels are everywhere, some more subtle than others but how about this one, that is taking advantage of the fabric design?  This is a very simple dress, want to accentuate a waist?

Dolce & Gabbana

Add some detail to draw the eye to the waist..

What if you want to add curves to the top?  You can do it with additional fabric adding a ruffle or

Diane Von Furstenberg

With color to the top if you want to add visual width...

Diane Von Furstenberg

Or you want to visually reduce the top half 

Lela Rose


becki-c said...

WOW, I really like the D&G one with the print.
I have a BWOF from 9-2012, a Matthew Williamson designer pattern that looks great color blocked, I will post some links to pics later, but I don't have much of a waist, and I'm a bit of a pear so I have to work with the color and scheme of the print. I love the modern color blocking, and prints are definitely better at camouflaging than a solid.

ELMO said...

Funny when we met, I thought you were more an hour glass. I'll look for some dresses that are good for pear shapes.

Clio said...

I'm pear-ish, but with a bust and very defined waist. I agree with everything you've said here. When I make a more fitted style, I definitely try to balance out my top and bottom either with a strong neckline/shoulders or by accentuating the waist.